News » Mark Patterson on his 2017 Le Mans experience!

Mark Patterson (Upper 1969) wrote:  "Le Mans was fun, well beyond fun, but two garage stops for repairs means we could not vie for a top spot.  The car was a thrill to drive and I massively improved my best Le Mans lap times in these upgraded LMP2s...these cars now match the lap times of the overall winning LMP1 cars of 2011, so massively higher G-forces and physical stress in driver and car compared to what I've driven before.  We ended up 16th in the LMP2 class and 33rd overall.  After the second garage delay, we dropped all the way down to P54 (60 car race) and clawed back more than 20 positions by the end.

Some pictures below of our lovely French Revolution.  The team gave me the honor of both starting and finishing the race.  Starting at Le Mans has the angst equivalent of a final law school oral exam!"

On the traditional "slanted car" starting grid:

Mark Patterson crossing the finish line:

After the race - most of these team members slept less than 1-2 hours in 36 hours: