News » Andrew de Blocq (Armstrong 2009) to take part in the "Champions of the Flyway" event in Israel

Andrew de Blocq (Armstrong 2009) is heading to Eilat, Israel in March this year for the 'Champions of the Flyway' event. He is traveling as a member of the 'Youth Africa Birders', which is comprised of four young birders all under the age of 25. This event take the form of a day-long race, and is designed to raise awareness and funds for the protection of bird migration flyways, with this year's beneficiary being Turkey. Over 25 million birds are killed by illegal hunters and trappers each year along their migratory routes, and projects combating this are in serious need of funds. Teams from all over the world compete for two titles: the 'Champions of the Flyway' is bestowed upon the team that record the most bird species on race day, while the 'Guardians of the Flyway' are the team that raise the most funds running up to race day for the cause. 

To read more about the event, head over to their official team page HERE

The Cape Argus recently got hold of the story, and interviewed Andrew and another teammate. You can find the article online HERE.