Prep - Bursaries & Scholarships

A strategic imperative is to attract boys, who do well in all fronts, to Prep. In support of this, we have received significant funding from a number of very generous donors.

One Old Andrean will be fully supporting three boys at Prep next year and we thank him for his extraordinary generosity.

In addition, a St Andrew’s Prep and College old boy, Mr Bryan Gransden, and an Old Andrean, Mr Peter Oliver, both now resident in Canada, have committed to co-funding a full scholarship for a boy from the Get Ahead Project in Queenstown, to commence at Prep in Grade 6 in January 2014 and to go all the way through to Matric at College. The Gransden/Oliver Scholarship is part of Prep’s new ‘Scholarships Programme’ which seeks to bolster new enrolments and improve our income stream. We are most grateful to Mr Gransden and Mr Oliver for their generosity and good will.

We have also received a significant donation towards the support of the UK Old Preppie Scholarship and hope to generate further support from Old Preppies and Andreans living in the UK. As soon as sufficient funding has been secured, we will offer this scholarship to a deserving young man.  For further information CLICK HERE

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