2020 Sustainability Campaign

We live in a country where quality education remains a privilege. The costly tuition fees required for continued educational advancement within the current South African context limits broad access to schools of excellence such as St Andrew’s College and Prep.
St Andrew’s College must continue to advance educationally and ensure its financial sustainability through a formal fundraising programme, the success of which will contribute toward keeping tuition fees affordable without compromising the quality of education delivery. The St Andrew’s Foundation has been established to ensure College’s long-term financial sustainability and continued educational advancement.
The 2020 Sustainability Campaign was launched on 12th October 2011, with the long term objective of raising R120m by 2020. The 2020 Sustainability Campaign comprises two distinct phases, each of which will strategically target specific projects which address areas of academic, cultural, sporting and facilities development.
The Foundation is currently seeking donations and support of R70 million for Phase 1 (from 2011 to 2015.) A further R50 million will be raised in Phase 2 of the campaign (from 2015 to 2020) to allow for the continued development of the campus. Projects will include the renovation and development of the old Jooste and Cornish dining halls, which will have been vacated, to include additional facilities required by the school.
The 2020 Sustainability Campaign:
Over the next five years the Foundation aims to raise funds to enable St Andrew’s College and Prep to address the following priority projects:

Advancing Our Teaching Programme
The increasing shortage of top quality graduates entering the teaching profession remains a national dilemma. Competitive remuneration packages, including the prioritisation of staff housing, are required to strengthen our ability to attract and retain quality educators.
In response, the Foundation has established the Educators’ Fund. This Fund will be invested to provide ongoing annuity income in order to supplement the remuneration packages of our staff. In addition, accommodation in Grahamstown is costly and in high demand and the Educators’ Fund will assist College to acquire suitable property for staff housing. A robust Educators’ Fund will enable College to attract and retain quality teaching staff and, in the long term, help ensure that tuition fees can be maintained at reasonable levels. READ MORE...



Building Sustainability through an Endowment Fund  
 The sustainability of St Andrew’s College is the main strategic objective of the St Andrew’s Foundation. Consequently, the Foundation has established a general Endowment Fund. The objective of this Fund is to build a strong capital base that is prudently invested by the Trustees to ensure consistent growth, whilst simultaneously providing the school with an annual income for its various development and advancement needs. The larger the capital base, the greater the annual income available to College. Projects receiving support from this Fund will include sports development, building maintenance and general capital growth.
The Trustees are aware that certain capital expenditure required for Phase 1 will preclude an immediate start to building the Endowment Fund capital. They remain committed to achieving this capital objective of R10m over the medium term. The Endowment Fund provides a wonderful opportunity to all that have been connected with College to leave a lasting legacy that will ensure the school’s longevity for generations to come. It gives College the important flexibility to utilise the funds where they are most needed. READ MORE...

Scholarships and Bursaries
St Andrew’s College continues to play a significant role in forming leaders that can take their rightful place in the wider society. The school enjoys an excellent track record of giving boys, who show academic and leadership potential, the opportunity of an outstanding education by awarding scholarships to well-deserved individuals.
Access to education is often limited, not by ability but by financial resources. St Andrew’s College is also committed to offering world-class facilities and academic support to less fortunate members of the community. A number of bursaries and scholarships are currently offered to boys from historically disadvantaged communities in the Eastern Cape. In addition, financial assistance is available to the sons of Old Andreans. READ MORE...

Capital Development and Refurbishment at St Andrew's Prep
St Andrew’s Prep is celebrating its 130th anniversary this year! This provides an opportunity to identify capital projects required to enhance the existing teaching facilities.
Prep's priorities are to the existing art and pottery rooms, and the music department.