Endowment Fund

Building Sustainability - Ensuring that every donor rand continues to give in perpetuity

The sustainability of College is the main strategic objective of the St Andrew’s Foundation.
Consequently, the Foundation has established a general Endowment Fund. The objective of this Fund is to build a strong capital base that is prudently invested by the trustees to ensure consistent growth, whilst simultaneously providing the school with an annual income for its various development and advancement needs. The larger the capital base the greater the annual income available to College.
The Trustees are aware that certain of the capital expenditure required for Phase 1 will preclude a "quick" start to growing the Endowment Fund capital, nevertheless they remain committed to assiduous financial management to achieve this capital objective over the medium term.
The Endowment Fund provides a wonderful opportunity to all that have been connected with College in some way to leave a lasting legacy that will ensure the school’s longevity for generations to come and gives College the important flexibility to utilize the funds where it is most needed.