300 Club

 SAC 300 ClubWhat is the 300 Club?

The St Andrew’s College 300 Club is a small but effective fundraising initiative where generous proceeds are donated to St Andrew’s College and St Andrew’s Preparatory annually.  The Club assists greatly in promoting the interests of College and Prep, not only financially, but also through the camaraderie and friendship which is created amongst parents, staff, friends of the school, and Old Andreans and Old Preppies. 

 How the Club operates

The 300 Club is an innovative way of raising funds for SAC and Prep and provides an opportunity for members to win substantial cash prizes by way of a monthly draw. 

  • Membership is on a voluntary basis and is R600 per annum (R50 per draw). Parents, staff, friends of the schools and Old Andreans and Preppies are welcome to join.

  • A percentage of the annual membership fee is allocated to a cash prize pool, but majority of the funds raised are allocated to a Capital Endowment Fund. From these funds, the Club donates money to College and Prep on an annual basis. These donations go to the Schools for them to utilise in the ways they feel best. Other donations from the capital fund have also been made for specific projects such as, amongst others, the artificial hockey surface on Webster Field, a squash court, computer facilities, and the Long Room at the Highlander.

  • Each 300 Club member receives a membership number. During each Club year, 12 lucky draws are conducted. The draws are usually linked to suitable College, Prep and Old Andrean functions. Members who have paid the current year’s fees, will have their membership number/s added to the draws. The prizes are as follows:

1st R2 500 2nd R2 000 3rd R1 500 4th R1 000


The Annual Newsletter

The annual 300 Club newsletter is sent out before the end of each club year, informing members of draw results, the draw dates for the next year and any relevant Club news.

Click Here to read the 2016 End of Year 300 Club Newsletter


Should you wish to JOIN the 300 Club, or RENEW your membership, please fill in the


or contact Ms Bronwen May at or Tel: +27 (0)46 603 2323.

Your small contribution can make a great difference!


Draw Dates for 2017 are as follows:

18 March 2017 Rugby - Home vs Union High
1 April 2017 Rugby - Home vs Bishops
20 May 2017 Rugby - Home vs Cambridge
21 May 2017
Albany Coastal Branch Function
3 June 2017 Rugby - Home vs Grey
10 June 2017 Rugby - Home vs Pearson
17 June 2017 Rugby - Home vs KDay
8 September 2017 Bedford Branch Function
2 November 2017 Graaff-Reinet Branch Function
17 November 2017 OA Tide Weekend
TBC Prep Feast
TBC Concl of Michaelmas (Term 3) - Staff Party

Draw Results for 2017 are as follows:

Draw Date 1st Prize - R2 500  2nd Prize - R2 000  3rd Prize - R1 500 4th Prize - R1 000
18 March 2017
Ian Morton
Timothy Barrow
Glen Plumbridge John Walton
01 April 2017 Brian Wakeham Andy Leith Nancy-Anne Richards Ed Southey
20 May 2017 Graham Louden-Carter  John Cruikshank Peter Searle Steven Emary
21 May 2017 Rob Beer Michael Rivett-Carnac  Des Alcock Johan Pretorius
03 June 2017 Graham Mulders Graeme Lucas-Bull Warren Thompson Tony Saner
10 June 2017 Pat Good Robert Hoard Jacques Pienaar Mahesh Gopal
17 June 2017 Henri McNaughton Catherine Letcher Simon Kroon Duncan & Ewan Mathieson
8 September 2017 TBA TBA TBA TBA

Forthcoming Draws

The 2018 draw dates will be posted towards the end of 2017.