Names Read at the Clock Tower

Old Andrean Tide is held in November every year. All Old Andreans are invited to attend.

In 2017 OA Tide took place on Saturday 18 November 2017.

Names read out at the clock tower:

The following names of Old Andreans were read out at the Clock Tower during OA Tide each year. These include Old Andreans who have passed away within the past year, or where College has been notified within the past year of deaths prior to this.
* denotes that an obituary is available - click on the name to view

2017: (alphabetical by surname)

Robert John Anderson (1961 Armstrong)
Anthony Hugh Currey Back (1946 Espin)
Dougal Francis Bassingthwaighte (1958 Espin)
John Douglas Bassingthwaighte (1961 Espin)
John Humphrey Batting (1955 Upper)
Edward Felix Blonski (2003 Graham)
Rory Graham Buisson (1983 Merriman)
Dale Campkin-Smith (1951 Merriman)
Guy Gascoyne Clarke (1962 Day)
Guy Goodwin Coke-Norris (1953 Espin)
William David Counsell (2017 Espin)
John Donald Creese (Honorary Old Andrean 1999)
Hugh Tener Gavin D'Arcy (1963 Armstrong) *
John Brereton De Smidt (1967 Armstrong)
Pieter De Waal (1948 Merriman)
Guy William Dottridge (1939 Espin)
André Engelbrecht (1982 Merriman) *
Timotheus Mthuthuzeli Fani (1989 Espin)
Thomas Edward Fenwick (1964 Armstrong)
John (Chick) Flack (1959 Mullins)
Robin Mostyn Forrest (1966 Graham)
Colin David William Greig (1955 Espin)
Richard Norman Montagu Hanmer (1953 Merriman)
Lawrence James Kirkpatrick Henrey (1946 Upper)
Michael Edwin Yeoman Holmes (1948 Upper)
Christopher John Bretherton Hundleby (1947 Merriman)

Gerald Wyndham Jooste (1945 Merriman)
David Knobbs (1991 Mullins)
Evan Phillip Lanham (1974 Armstrong)
Hugh Oswald Christian Maasdorp (1940 Upper)
Stephen Royle Malan (1951 Armstrong)
Anthony Percival John Mauer (1961 Upper)
Michael Henry McPhee (1954 Upper)
Peter James McPhee (1955 Upper)
Eugene Harold Mills (1965 Merriman)
Geoffrey Malan Moolman (1948 Armstrong)
David Martin Morrell (1943 Armstrong)
Ian Mackinnon Morton (1955 Day) *
Ndyebo Richman Nghona (1999 Espin)
Barry Owen-Jones (1956 Merriman)
Alexander Clifford Palmer (1965 Armstrong)
Michael Ffennell Perrott (1951 Armstrong) *
John William Glen Rudd (1948 Armstrong)
Michael Egerton Creigh Rushmere (1951 Armstrong)
Colwyn Barry Sampson (1946 Upper)
Ronald Campbell Slater (1961 Espin)
Sidney Sergius Sviridov (1942 Espin)
Edward Charles Louis Tyrrell (1984 Mullins) *
William George Elphinstone Underwood (1953 Armstrong)
Guy Spencer Lesrend Whittle (1959 Mullins)
Julian Forster Woods (1950 Mullins)

2016: (alphabetical by surname)

Gwen Axe (Honorary Old Andrean 2002)   
Helena Banga (Honorary Old Andrean 2006)   
Jacques Christoff Barnard (2005 Graham)
Gwynne Beamish (1955 Mullins)
John Meiring Beck (1949 Espin)
Ewart Miles Bowker (1937 Upper)
John Meyrick Bowker (1949 Upper)
Julian Richard Meyrick Bowker (1953 Upper)
John Lade Montague Bradley (1950 Merriman)
Anthony Ashley    Brooker     (1956 Armstrong)
John Robert Butler (1964 Espin)
William Leonard Chiazzari (1937 Mullins)
Deane Merrick Clayton (1978 Merriman)
Desmond Collier (1938 Armstrong)
Michael John Cowan (1953 Mullins)
Andrew Charles De Beer (1979 Upper)
Victor Anthony Dorman-Smith (1954 Upper)
Malcolm Maurice Easton (1967 Espin)
Harold Robdon Fletcher (1942 Espin)
Hadley James Francis (1988 Espin)
David John Cornwallis Gibb (1966 Merriman)
Edmund Brent Gibbons (1990 Armstrong)
Robert George Cardross Grant (1972 Armstrong)
Russell Owen Milton Green (1932 Upper)
William Patrick Hillary Gubb (1980 Armstrong)
Michael Douglas Hall (1946 Armstrong) *


Denis Edmund Hockly (1969 Upper)
Reginald Carleton Holmes (1952 Upper)
John Frederick George Howe (1947 Mullins) *
William John Skeffington Hudson OBE (1947 Mullins)
Samuel Mark Lloyd (1952 Espin)
Geoffrey Andrew Lovemore (1950 Espin)
Christopher John Lyon (1966 Espin)
Peter James Meikle (1961 Armstrong)
Robert Edward Mickel (1946 Merriman)
Jonathan Denis Ablort Morgan (1966 Upper)
Roland Harvey Nicholson (1966 Graham) *
Steven Nicol (1988 Graham) *
John Dudley Norton (1946 Upper)
Gavin Michael Nunn (1974 Merriman)
John Stephen Milsome Orford (1941 Mullins)
Brian David Allan Paddon (1949 Merriman) *
David Leslie Palmer (1965 Mullins)
Peter Kingwill Paxton (1943 Mullins)
David Robert Pyne-James (1966 Armstrong)
Lungile    Ralo (Honorary Old Andrean 2004)   
Andre Leonard Rheeder (1983 Upper)
Neville John Ritchie (1967 Merriman)
Gordon Hamish Rumball (1960 Upper)
Maxwell Lisle Shepherd (1944 Mullins)
Frederick James Michael Faraday Stones (1939 Upper)
Peter John Hyland Terry-Lloyd (1959 Upper)
Dennis Hugh Alton Tidswell (1948 Mullins)
Ludwe Sanele Titus (2001 Espin)
James Marius Tugman (1948 Armstrong)
Albertus Gerhardus Van Wyk (1962 Armstrong)
James Randolph Vigne (1944 Armstrong) *
Evert Wijker (1976 Graham)
Denis Ivor Williams (1943 Armstrong)
Hamish Alpheus Williams (1950 Merriman)

2015: (alphabetical by surname)

Shepperson Prescott Adkins (1943 Merriman)
Nigel Peter Roland Ambrose (1962 Upper)
Philip Geoffrey Amm (1981 Upper)
Philip Christian Bateman (1963 Merriman)
Christopher John Beath (1952 Merriman)
Richard John Brooker (1956 Armstrong)
Robley Graham Browne (1942 Day)
David Edmund Bryant (1966 Mullins)
Patrick Ormond Butler (1947 Espin)
Michael Elvin David Challen (1947 Armstrong)
Dennis John Claude (1950 Espin)
Edward Cecil Douglas Coke (Lord Leicester) (1954 Mullins)*
Barend Gerrit Coetzee (1975 Espin)
Jeffery Currie (1947 Upper)
John Patrick Graham Ewer (1961 Day)*
Anthony Christopher Fielding (1969 Graham)
Frederick Thomas Gottgens (1948 Merriman)
Phillip Anthony Collings Hallier (1942 Upper)
Stanley David Hannath (1963 Graham)
Cornelius Christian Heunis (1998 Armstrong)
John George Hirst (1952 Upper)
Robin Meyrick Palmer Hockly (1957 Armstrong)
David Pattullo Hodgson (1948 Armstrong)*
Timothy James Edwin Hutchinson (1964 Armstrong)
Desmond Arthur Jackson Hynch (1951 Merriman)
Paul Collinson Jeffery (1942 Mullins)
Andrew Arthur King (1974 Upper)
Edwin Leslie King (1945 Merriman)
James Leon Lane (1950 Armstrong)*
Clyde Erskine Lanham (1948 Espin)
Frederick Charles Handfield Lovemore (1947 Espin)
James Angus Mackay (1970 Armstrong)*
Lekgotla Kutlwano Maine (1996 Upper)
Ashley Gordon Martin (1980 Mullins)
Robert Middleton Mcpherson (1945 Armstrong)
Robin Maynard McWilliams (1959 Mullins)
Charles Mordaunt Milner (1962 Mullins)
Damian Allan Nichol (1948 Mullins)
Geoffrey Spicer Barnett Potter (1951 Merriman)
Donald Gordon Pringle (1958 Espin)
Terence Cleary West Reid (1958 Mullins)*
Thomas Richard Ritchie (1944 Day)
Edward Steyn Rivett-Carnac (1959 Armstrong)
John Edward Rivett-Carnac (1957 Armstrong)*
Richard Desmond Southey (1976 Upper)
Brian Henry Thorniley (1946 Espin)
William Homan (II) Turpin (1948 Upper)
Joseph Vintcent (1948 Armstrong)*
John Julius Vogl (1953 Mullins)*
John Anthony Reginald Warren (1946 Merriman)*
Leonard Noel Werth (1972 Graham)
Jeremy Louis Lorraine White (1962 Upper)
John Athol Wilkinson (1967 Armstrong)
John Watson Withers (1953 Merriman)