The Reunion Fund

The Reunion Fund

- Experience. Development. Learning. Fun –
(initiated by the Class of 2007)


The Reunion Fund is an annual commitment-based fund set up by the SAC and DSG Class of 2007 and financed by willing alumni.

The Reunion Fund has been designed and developed by members of the 2007 year group as an annual commitment-based fund. Its aim is to help bring innovative Community Engagement projects, planned and managed by our scholars, to fruition and thereby positively impact members of the greater Grahamstown community.

The Reunion Fund will provide financial assistance in-part or fully to successful proposals submitted by SAC and DSG pupils. Applications are to be submitted to the SAC/DSG Community Engagement Coordinators, to ensure that the proposal is aligned to the schools’ Community Engagement objectives and the Fund’s aim of enrichment.  Thereafter proposals will be submitted to the Reunion Fund Board members for review and approval.
There is no limit to the number of times a SAC and DSG pupil may apply for funding.

Membership is through active involvement in the form of monetary donation(s). Donations to SAC and DSG can be made through the secure Online Giving forms on the Andrean Foundation website and DSG Foundation website. An amount of R100 per month or an annual lump sum of R1200 is encouraged.  However, once-off donations of any value are also welcome.

St Andrew’s College and DSG are registered NPOs with their own Section 18A status. All donations from South African taxpayers to the Reunion Fund will receive a Section 18A certificate for tax purposes from SAC and DSG.
Donations from Canada, the USA and the United Kingdom can also enjoy tax benefits. 

It is a requirement that both St Andrew’s College and DSG are actively represented within the structure of the board.
The board is representative of the collective members of the Fund and determines how and to whom The Reunion Fund monies are awarded.
Once a year (date to be decided) the chosen scholar’s project will be announced by the board after which the successful scholar will work with The Reunion Fund Board members on the implementation of the project.

Current Board Members:
Max Melvill | Ntombesizwe Vabaza
Guy Brukman | Frances van Hasselt