Events » 2017 BIG REUNION

You and your partner are cordially invited to the 

1977, 1987, 1992 and 1997 Leavers' Reunion

Friday 2 June -Sunday 4 June 2017

We look forward to welcoming you back to the St Andrew's, DSG and Prep campuses for this special occasion.
Please encourage those in your year to attend their reunion.

Please scroll to the bottom of the page to see who is attending so far.


(May be subject to time and venue changes)




Assembly in the Chapel with the girls
Reunion attendees welcome



Assembly in the Chapel with the boys
Reunion attendees welcome

14h00 OA/DSG

Memorial Service for Ian Mackinnon Morton (OA 1955, Staff member 1965 - 1998) in the SAC Chapel. All reunion attendees welcome.
After the service OAs are invited to light candles in memory of their classmates who have passed away

15h00 - 17h00 OA Memorabilia will be on sale at the clothing exchange near the tuck shop

16h00 - 18h30


Reunion registration at the Highlander



Review Parade on Lower Field which includes the cadet corps and pipe band
The Highlander bar will closed for this period



1st XI Hockey vs Grey PE on Webster Astro



Supper Evening at the Highlander (tickets included in your registration pack)
Seating in the Long Room, main bar area and The Lowlander
Cash bar available. Dress: Smart casual


War Cries on Lower Field


09h00 OLD PREPPIES Tea on Robert House lawns

09h45 OLD PREPPIES Old Prep Association AGM in the Centre for Creative Learning

11h00 OLD PREPPIES Old Prep Ramble
09h00 DSG 1st Team Netball vs Collegiate on the DSG court
09h30 - 10h30 DSG Memorabilia will be on sale at the clothing exchange



Tea with the Headmistress, Ms Shelley Frayne, in the Victoria Library

10h00 DSG All Saints Guild AGM followed by a guided tour of the campus
12h00 DSG 1st XI Hockey vs Collegiate on Webster Astro



Tea with the Headmaster, Mr Alan Thompson, in the Clapham Jubilee Dining Hall

10h00 - 13h00 OA Memorabilia will be on sale at the clothing exchange near the tuck shop



Formal tour of the academic buildings with the Headmaster

11h00 - 13h00 OA The Antony Clark Andrean Resource Centre will be open
Copies of 'The Boy in You' will be available (cost R850 excluding postage)



The Boarding Houses will be open for viewing for this period only



Reunion photographs at the Clock Tower



1st XV Rugby vs Grey PE on Lower Field

18h30 for 19h00


Reunion Dinner in the Centenary Hall
Dress: Semi-Formal (Jacket and tie)
Cash bar available




Eucharist with the boys in the College Chapel



Morning prayers with the girls in the DSG Chapel


Kindly confirm number of guests and dietary requirements in the fields provided
Please advise date of payment.
Cost for OAs and DSG Old Girls: R650 per person (R600 for partners)


Standard Bank

Account Name:

St Andrew's College

Branch Code:

05 0917

Account No.:

082 007 977


REF: 067 + Your initials and surname

Please CLICK HERE to view accommodation in Grahamstown

We do not have contact details for many DSG Old Girls and OAs in this Reunion group.
Please click on the following link to see who we are missing and let them know
we would like to contact them OR provide us with their details:

OA's with unknown contact details

For further information please contact Bridget Fourie  or call her on 046 6031531

We look forward to hosting you !

Accepted as at 24 May 2017

SAC 1977
Woker, Jorn Turpin (Mr)
Tudhope, Richard Wepener (Mr)
Devis, Simon James (Mr)
Barnes, Jeremy Kivas (Mr)
Commins, Gavin David John (Mr)
Frost, Colin Warwick Lownes (Mr)
Burrows, Derek (Mr)
Beattie, Gordon (Mr)
Holmes, Gavin Percy Carlton (Mr)
Whitehead, Leonard John (Mr)
Benatar, Neville John (Mr)
Scott, James Bradley (Mr)
Butler Anthony Edward Ormond (Mr)
Nixon, Guy Henry Philipson (Mr)
Hooper, Mark Scott (Mr)
Dorrington, Stewart Poultney (Mr)
Nichol, Michael Jeffery (Mr)
DSG 1977
Hicks, Linda Anne (Mrs) nee Karis
Harloe, Sheila (Mrs) nee Couch
Du Toit, Diana (Ms) nee Corfe
Woker, Susan Anne (Mrs) nee Williams
Rundle, Andrea Rose (Mrs) nee Hart
Klopper, Gloudina Maria (Mrs) nee van Wyk
Creaven, Angela (Mrs) nee Whyte
Maarschalk, Gail (Mrs) nee Rogers
Price, Kim Isobel Munro (Mrs)
Bowren, Katherine Anne (Mrs) nee Rubidge
Miles, Colleen (Mrs) nee Turner
Anderson, Megan (Miss)
Wallace, Shirley (Ms)
Barkhuizen, Cecelia (Mrs) nee Barker
Van der Bos, Nell (Mrs) nee Whitehead
Sutherland, Sandra Lee (Dr)
Thompson, Marie Louise (Mrs) nee Louw
Patterson, Barbara (Mrs) nee Kirk
Venter, Moira-Jane (Miss)
Hutchings, Anne (Mrs) nee Buchanan
Rogers, Philippa (Ms)
Keeton, Margaret (Mrs) nee Henderson
SAC 1987
Bassingthwaighte, Grant Douglas (Mr)
Brown, Hilton Ashley (Mr)
Byers, Michael Peter Cadbury (Mr)
Hillary, Grant Duane (Mr)
More, Guy Richard (Mr)
Parsons, David James (Mr)
Sutherland, Andrew (Mr)
Van Vuuren, Mark Lorrain (Mr)
Stevens, Richard Hugh Charles (Mr)
Holmes, Graeme Andrew (Mr)
Beaufort, James Maurice (Mr)
Stretton, Robert Francis Sandcroft (Mr)
Steen-Nielsen, Sven (Mr)
Hopkinson, Paul De Banastre (Mr)
Hart, Adrian Meintjes (Mr)
Wallace, Grant George Watson (Mr)
Macpherson, Derek Bruce (Mr)
Prettejohn, Hugh Ronald Gwynne (Mr)
Faber, Michael Ernst (Mr)
Murray, Mark Shaun (Mr)
Upton, Barry Geoffrey (Mr)
Gopal, Mahesh (Mr)
Morris, Andrew Bennett (Mr)
Rogan, Donald Mackenzie (Mr)
Rogan, Robert Wallace (Mr)
Wilson, Gary Martin (Mr)
Wilson, David Ronald (Mr)
Maxwell, Tudor James (Dr)
Glossoti, Nicolas Peter (Mr)
Tawse, Victor Stuart (Mr)
Spence, David Owen (Mr)
Jongihlati, Singatha Lungisa (Mr)
Barlow, Andrew Francis (Mr)
Ratcliffe, Charles Stansfield (Mr)
Theron, Peter John (Mr)
Bird, Graham John (Mr)
Goble, Jeremy Craig (Mr)
Kilkenny, Patrick Michael (Mr)
Jolliffe, Ian Clifford (Mr)
Middleton, Henry Grant (Mr)
Barrow, Michael Stuart (Dr)
Buckley, Stephen James (Mr)
Bowker, Richard John Meyrick (Mr)
Aroonslam, Parameshvarin (Mr)
Johnson, Stephen Peter (Mr)
Marx, Dominic Christian (Mr)
Bulbring, Steffen Louis (Mr)
DSG 1987
Hickey, Jax(Mrs) nee Rolfe
Groves, Catherine (Mrs) nee Everett
Stevens, Sarah (Mrs) nee Hutton
Maxwell, Bryony (Miss)
Bowes, Vanessa Louise (Mrs) nee Pringle
Wynne, Colette (Miss)
Landrey, Dominique (Mrs) nee Bassingthwaighte
Shepherd, Jennifer(Mrs) nee Clogg
Letcher, Catherine (Miss)
Copeland, Caroline (Miss)
Rennie, Lee-Anne (Ms)
Manson, Nicki (Mrs) nee Gardner
Evans, Amanda (Ms)
Tsengiwe, Adorable Vuyelwa Tabby (Mrs) nee Lusu
Pedersen, Patricia (Mrs) nee Hobson
Cowen, Candace Gail (Mrs) nee Rivett-Carnac
Biggs, Cherie Elizabeth (Mrs) nee Price
Carson, Diana (Miss)
Kleu, Karen (Mrs) nee Murray
Swift, Bridget (Mrs) nee Walters
Lindhorst, Lynne (Mrs) nee Were
Micklewright, Lisa (Mrs) nee Pringle
Fitzhenry, Paula Caroline (Mrs) nee Lang
Rathbone, Eiona Mackinnon (Mrs) nee Morton
van Der Linde, Elizabeth (Mrs) nee Amm
Liddell, Lesa Ann (Mrs) nee Gibbons
Ingpen, Deirdre Leah (Mrs) nee Vandoros
SAC 1992
Mdaka, Luxolo Sobantu (Mr)
Barker, Lloyd Patrick (Mr)
Brown, Rupert Miles (Mr)
Von Ruben, Ryan Chase (Mr)
Wittsack, Holger (Mr)
Sinclair, Guy Oliver (Mr)
Gray, Andrew Spence (Mr)
Fani, Anthony Mthetheleli (Mr)
van der Merwe, Nicholas Carl (Mr)
Lobban, Justin Anthony James (Mr)
Letlaka, Koedirelang Kobeli Kwanele (Mr)
Job, Nicholas Christopher (Mr)
Rodd, Douglas Charles (Mr)
Marroitt, Steven Garreth (Mr)
Kolobile, Ignatius Thuso (Mr)
Gardiner, Paul (Mr)
McNaughton, Adrian Graham (Mr)
Stucken, Nicholas Aurel (Mr)
Moolman, Henry Wessel (Mr)
Shenton, Clive Allan (Mr)
Job, Jonathan Arthur (Mr)
Monxuba, Thozama (Mr)
Llewelyn-Williams, Craig Owen (Mr)
Ross, Cameron Mcleod (Mr)
Hoyana, Olwetu Sakhumzi (Mr)
Pringle, Thomas Bruce Lynedoch (Mr)
Dingaan, Thando Paul (Mr)
Morton, Hamish Mackinnon (Mr)
Bilbe, Mark (Mr)
Ewing, Dougal John Mackie (Mr)
Cloete, Louis (Mr)
Brown, Mitchell William (Mr)
Smuts, Michael Anton (Mr)
Biggs, Trevor John (Mr)
Worthington, Barry (Mr)
DSG 1992
Kennedy, Caryn (Mrs) nee Elliott
Farquharson, Nicola Elizabeth(Mrs) nee Alexander
De Bruyn, Marisa (Mrs) nee Fassler
Duk, Brigitta (Mrs) nee Kirchmann
Paardenkopoper, Ricoleen (Mrs) nee Newman
Brook, Sinead (Mrs) nee Fitzsimons
Jekwa, Yoza Noluyolo (Dr)
Gill, Fiona Elizabeth (Mrs) nee Wynne-Jones
Fisher, Leigh (Mrs) nee Mcleod
Badenhorst, Janet Anne (Mrs) nee Page
Dambuza, Yolisa (Ms)
Pattison, Katherine (Mrs) nee Weiss
Mangxamba, Lusanda (Mrs) nee Kunene
Blood, Bronwyn (Mrs) nee Long
Rowe, Camille (Mrs) nee Martin
Vermeulen, Liezel (Ms)
Singh, Adeshia (Miss)
Caza, Akhona (Mrs) nee Mtirara
Hollway, Susan (Miss)
Jack, Sasha (Mrs) nee Daynes
Ggwabi, Shambi (Mrs) nee Headbush
Nqayi, Batabile (Mrs) nee Kwatsha
Van Deventer, Megan (Miss)
SAC 1997
Wienand, Frederick Mark Mansard (Mr)
Harraway, Timothy Dale (Mr)
Batteson, Jacques Brian (Mr)
Booth, Ian Denis (Mr)
Jarvis, Andrew Kuys (Mr)
Berlyn, Jonathan Leonard (Mr)
Muzzell, Ryan Robert (Mr)
Maydon, Thomas William John Lynch (Mr)
Fourie, Francois Riaan (Mr)
Baxter, Grant (Mr)
Birch, Michael Sydney Ernest (Mr)
Matthews, Robert Patrick (Mr)
Gaetsewe, Donald Gakenosi (Mr)
Bakwena, Leatile Goabaone (Mr)
Mafanya, Olwethu Aviwe Unathi (Mr)
van Lingen, Michael Edward (Mr)
Watt, Richard James (Mr)
Counihan, Shaun (Mr)
Warren, Andrew Patrick (Mr)
Blaine, Thomas Langford (Mr)
Ntonga, Izwelethu Lubabalo (Mr)
Louwrens, Peter Anthony (Mr)
de Beer, John Paul (Mr)
Backhouse, Stephen John (Mr)
Mowbray, Nicholas Jack Handsley (Mr)
Franz, Ryan Andrew (Mr)
Short, Richard Thomas (Mr)
O'Mahony, Sean Graham (Mr)
Johnston, Richard Clayton (Mr)
De Klerk, Mark Raymond (Mr)
Clark, Fergus Nicholas Lamplough (Mr)
Marais, Chad (Mr)
Mentis, Martin (Mr)
Horwood, Jay Edward (Mr)
Graham, Neville Peter (Mr)
Mclachlan, Michael James (Mr)
Simonsz, Guy Anton (Mr)
Jackson, Scott Andrew (Mr)
DSG 1997
Thornycroft, Leigh-Ann (Mrs) nee Vellacot
Mountain, Belinda Rae (Mrs) nee Blomfield
Dearlove, Charlotte (Miss)
Kruiskamp, Lara (Miss)
King, Bevinn (Mrs) nee McNamara
Burrell, Anne (Mrs) nee Robertson
Varkevisser, Nicola (Mrs) nee Saunders
Gordon, Natalie Leman (Mrs) Nee Morgan
Jacobs, Lizel (Dr)
Waters, Mandy (Mrs) nee Sparg
van der Bergh, Angela (Mrs) nee Lake
Makrygiannis, Lindsey Claire (Mrs) nee Allen
Scott, Caroline (Ms) nee Sanders
Rapson, Deborah (Mrs) nee Pocock
Davies, Rhianwen (Miss)
Smyth, Nadine (Mrs) nee Cloete
Bailey, Susan (Mrs) nee Marriott
Wienekus, Alison (Mrs) nee Pope
Kunene, Sinazo (Miss)
Parker - Muzzell, Kelly (Mrs) nee Muzzell
Todd, Louise Margaret (Mrs) nee van Rensburg