This website strives to maintain and grow contact with Old Andreans by providing information and news on projects at College, events information and facilitates Old Andrean contact with the school and with each other.

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The St Andrew's College Chapel

A history - BY MARGUERITE POLAND ‘The Chapel is a place where hearts have thoughts’ The Chapel stands as testimony to the faith of its builders the courage of those to whom it became a memorial and the spirit it imbues in every College boy Meticulously researched and lovingly woven ...

The Bell Note - St Andrew's College Rowing 1958 - 2018

The Bell Note is the story of the St Andrew's College Rowing Club - founded in by Axel Ohlsson and initiated by Thomas P Bligh a scholar at the time Like the history of College itself the book is peppered with stories of great characters fascinating anecdotes and anecdotal tales ...

Sydney Branch Function - 17 November 2018

The annual Sydney old DSG girl and OA evening was hosted on Friday November old girls and boys joined in the celebrations from far and wide including New Zealand A wonderful night was had by all with many trips down memory lane A huge thank you to everyone who made ...

Upcoming Events

1961 Old Prep Leavers' Reunion

22nd November 2018

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1958 and 1968 Leavers' Reunion and OA Tide Celebrations

23rd November 2018

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2018 New Zealand Branch Function

5th December 2018

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